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Coverbox Digital Menu is a solution designed for the restaurant industry to enhance customer experience and improve online visibility. It offers the ability to showcase a detailed menu in a clear and friendly way.

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Digital Menu

starting 100$/year
Mini website for your FnB business

Responsive website that works on all devices

Unlimited Menus

List of categories and items with images, prices, ingredients. and menu options

QR Code and link

A single QR code and link can be used to enter the website

Contact info, locations, about, Twitter feeds

Keeping your customers up to date

Multiple Locations

Maps for all your branches

Free Content Management and Data Entry

Page/account set up and organizing all business content

Free QR Code Design for Printing

To be printed and set on site for your customers to scan

Main Features

Digital Menu

Present your digital menu with images and clear descriptions such as ingredients, prices, calories, and much more. You can add unlimited different menus.

Company Description

Share your company’s profile, which includes the business description, mission, vision, values, opening hours, and more.


No matter how many locations you have, share them all in addition to Google directions, contact info, and menu per location.

Contact info + socials

Your company’s social media links, phone numbers, WhatsApp, emails, and any other contact info are shown with ease and no complications.

Smart QR code scanning system

The menu is presented in the form of a single QR code that can be scanned by customers using their mobile devices, which will redirect them to your Coverbox main page in the fastest way.

Twitter feeds

The system allows you to add Twitter feeds to your homepage so that customers can stay informed about your business’s latest news and promotions.

Smart searching

The system includes a smart search feature that allows customers to easily find the products they are looking for, by searching for ingredients, prices, and other criteria.

SEO optimization

The system uses search engine optimization techniques to help products appear more often in search results, which can drive more traffic to the business.

Centralized management

The system makes it easy to access, update and manage all content for different locations from one central platform.


Creating engaging social media posts requires simplicity, clarity, and creativity. Keeping your content concise, using eye-catching visuals, and considering the platform’s unique features

qr code
Smart QR Code Scanning System

The system guarantees that customers can always benefit from our smart QR code scanning system on and provides a seamless experience regardless of the device used.

Featured Clients

Malak Al Tawouk Coverbox QR Code
Malak Al Tawouk logo
  • Multiple locations + Google directions
  • Social media links and posts
  • Contact and about page
  • Up-to-date prices and information
King Quick Meal Coverbox QR Code
King Quick Meal logo
  • Location + Google directions
  • Social media links and posts
  • Contact and about page
  • Up-to-date prices and information
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