Multiple Menus

As a restaurant owner, you usually have a single digital menu copy, pdf or image, printed on hard materials. The process of creating a QR Code Menu out of this file is explained here. Now, what if you have more than one menu? What if you would like to present a menu for each category of food? What if you have an offer printed in the form of a menu?

Managing it yourself

You can do that yourself for sure by managing the files on a publicly available online storage. We recommend Google Drive for its download speed for that. You will need to create a separate QR Code for each file and go through the hassle of changing it each time the file change.

A better solution

It would be better to have a single QR Code placed at your establishment without the need to change it every time your files change. As such, it would be great to have a single web page displaying the multiple menus/offers where users can choose what they are looking for. Here is where Coverbox comes into play.

Coverbox multiple menus

We designed the system to use a single QR Code with multiple menus. If you choose to upload a single menu, the page will directly open the file. If you choose to upload more than one menu, then your users will start seeing your web page after scanning the QR Code. This page will display your list of menu files in a well-designed manner. And Guess what? You can have your own restaurant identity.