One QR Code

As a restaurant owner, when planning to create a QR Code for a Menu, you usually start by fetching the menu, pdf or image, and upload it to a publicly available server. Then, you start looking for the best QR Code generator available online where you can input the menu file URL and download the needed QR Code.

What happens when the menu changes?

The issue starts when the menu content changes, and you want to change it online as well to update the QR Code Menu. Since most restaurants will be using google drive to store their files, they will need to upload a new file and generate a new QR Code accordingly rendering the old QR Code useless. This means going through the hassle of changing your QR Codes printed and placed at your establishment each time.

How can I re-use the same QR Code?

You can benefit from the skills of a technical person who can do that manually for you each time the menu changes. There are also vendors available on the market who provides online systems where you can do that yourself, they usually charge a monthly fee. We consider Coverbox is the best option since it is Free and has no limitations.

What about multiple menus with same QR Code?

We searched online and found no vendor providing multiple menus for the same QR Code. Therefore, we recommend you use Coverbox! It provides a publicly available web page where we display multiple menus for the same QR Code and guess what? You can use your own restaurant branding.