QR Code Menu for Restaurants

QR Code is a type of barcode that consists of black squares arranged in a square grid on a white background. It can be read by phones cameras or by opening www.scanbox.app website.

What is a QR Code Menu?

Any QR Code linked to a restaurant digital menu and displayed in its establishment at multiple places is considered a QR Code Menu. Customers use their phone camera or scanbox.app to scan the QR Code and access the menu on their phone.

How can I get a QR Code for a menu?

First, you need to upload your menu file, pdf or image, to a publicly available server. People are usually using google drive. Then, you can use any online QR Code generator to create the QR Code and link it to your menu file.

We recommend you visit our portal coverboxportal.com to make your life easier. We provide a publicly available page where we display multiple menus for the same QR Code and you can use your own restaurant branding.

Does modifying a menu require a change in the QR Code?

If you are doing it yourself, then the answer is yes. Each time you make a change to the menu, you need to generate a new QR Code. This is not the case with Coverbox.

With us, all modifications to the menu will always leave you with the same QR Code. This will keep you from changing your QR Codes in the restaurant.

How much a QR Code for a menu cost?

You can do it yourself for free as mentioned above. Some websites provide this service for a monthly fee and some for free but with limitations. With Coverbox, you will get the service for Free, with no limitations and with additional free features as well.